Advancing Occupational Health and Safety: ASTRA’s Safety Programmes

In the constantly evolving landscape of industrial operations, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers is paramount. ASTRA, a subsidiary of Otto International (Oi), has taken significant strides to prioritise occupational health and safety across Oi’s global supply chain. Through a series of meticulously developed programmes, ASTRA sets new a benchmark for safety standards and demonstrates our commitment to protecting workers while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We focus on three cornerstone initiatives: the Boiler Operational Safety Programme (BOSA), the Minimum Fire Safety Assessment (MFSA), and the CNG and LPG Cylinder Safety Factsheet.

Boiler Operational Safety Programme (BOSA)

The Boiler Operational Safety Programme (BOSA) exemplifies ASTRA’s proactive approach to mitigating risks associated with boiler operations. BOSA began as a data collection initiative in 2017 in Bangladesh, focusing on the intricacies of boiler operations within the Oi supply chain. The initiative emerged from the necessity for a comprehensive safety programme, as boiler operators and management identified that many accidents occurred due to negligence.

Now, BOSA has evolved into a global initiative aimed at instilling a culture of safety by supplying workers with the necessary tools and expertise to prevent accidents. With this vision in mind, ASTRA developed a programme that not only draws attention to potential risks but also provides extensive training to enhance the skills and knowledge of those involved in boiler operations.

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Over the years, BOSA has been a significant part of improving boiler safety standards across Oi’s global supply chain. Through a proactive approach of listening to feedback and responding to changing circumstances, ASTRA ensures that safety remains a top priority. ASTRA’s commitment to maintain safety protocols exhibits their dedication to operational excellence and continuous improvement, making them a pioneer in their field.

Minimum Fire Safety Assessment (MFSA)

In response to the tragic Rana Plaza incident in 2013, and the universal desire to prevent similar tragedies in the future, ASTRA launched the Minimum Fire Safety Assessment (MFSA) programme. By focusing on the widespread installation of high-quality fire equipment and development of firefighting teams, the programme aims to establish a robust fire safety infrastructure that satisfies international standards. This involved engineers from Hong Kong evaluating buildings in Oi Bangladesh factories. Part of the programme is a color-coded system (red, orange, yellow, green) to indicate how well a factory complies with fire safety rules, providing clear goals for improvement.

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ASTRA’s MFSA programme has made great progress in enhancing fire safety across all of Oi’s facilities. The initiative underscores the importance of stringent fire safety regulations and their effective implementation to safeguard lives and ensure the smooth operation of supply chain facilities. The programme’s strides towards minimising workplace fires illustrates a proactive approach to safety and risk management, reinforcing our commitment to protect not only the continuity of business operations but also the welfare of our workforce.

CNG and LPG Cylinder Safety Factsheet

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To address the rise in gas-related accidents in Bangladesh, ASTRA introduced the CNG and LPG Cylinder Safety Factsheet. This resource aims to ensure everyone is well-informed about the proper handling and maintenance of gas cylinders and to reinforce the critical importance of following these procedures.

The Factsheet is instrumental in providing clear guidelines and best practices to comply with local, state, and federal safety standards, thus empowering workers within Oi’s supply chain emphasises how responsible handling practices minimise negative impacts on the environmental, aligning with ASTRA’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. By preventing accidents and hazards, ASTRA supports the continued growth of sustainable practices and fosters safe and responsible use of resources.

ASTRA’s distribution of the Safety Factsheet demonstrates their dedication to accident prevention and safety protocols. The global rollout of this resource further underscores our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of workers while upholding our promise to sustainability and operational excellence.

ASTRA’s comprehensive strategy to occupational health and safety is key to how we set the right standard in our supply chain. Through their three-pronged approach, BOSA, MFSA, and the CNG and LPG Cylinder Safety Factsheet, ASTRA addresses a range of safety challenges with precision and fosters a holistic approach to worker safety and well-being. By establishing robust benchmarks and continuously refining its safety strategies, ASTRA not only protects the workers in Oi’s global supply chain but also cultivates a culture of responsibility which it wants to resonate across the industry. As ASTRA continues to lead by example, its commitment to safety excellence remains unwavering, paving the way for a safer and more sustainable future in the textile and garment industry.

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