We Strive
For A Better Us.

Our Responsibility

We are right at the beginning of the supply chain, so we must set the right standard. We follow the lead of the Otto Group, a globally respected innovator with environmentally and socially responsible business practices. So, it’s only natural that we adhere to internationally recognised standards.

But Otto International does a lot more. Our Code of Conduct is a mandatory component of every supplier contract we draw up. We proactively encourage social responsibility, sustainability and, above all, transparency in every area that we operate.

Our Approach


Supply Chain Sustainability

We proactively support our customers' supply chain with sustainable materials and packaging to fit their individual needs. For example, our knowledgeable team sources recycled polyesters, monitors viscose fibres and certifies materials such as cashmere.

Cotton Made in Africa

This initiative takes a business-driven approach to combating poverty and promoting environmental protection in Africa. OI encourages customers and suppliers to use the sustainably farmed cotton and helps them avoid extra costs. The use of Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) has to be fully traceable back to the cotton fields. 


A Better Us

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has always been essential to our company. CR activities are part of our daily life, supported by offices and individuals. We are constantly looking for ways to reach our personal CR goals – whether it is CO2-reduction or volunteering in our local communities.

In 2023, we are focusing very much on sustainable packaging. We are reducing plastic in the supply chain to ensure the environmental impact is as positive as possible.

Thea Hoffmann

Director Quality & Compliance

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