Our Rebranding

Selective color of pink envelopes surrounding a mobile with the OI logo

Over the last 53 years, we have evolved and grown as a business. With more offices than ever before, an increasingly diverse and talented workforce, and an expansion into a customer-centric organisation; it’s time to embark on the journey of defining who we are.

We are delighted to announce our re-branding to Otto International. From now until the end of February, we will be going through a transition period as we prepare for our official launch on 1 March 2020. During this transition period, our two names and logos (Hermes-OTTO International and Otto International) will co-exist.

Otto International logo transition timeline from 2008 to 2019

Why have we made this change?

We want to go back to our roots, focusing on our strong reputation in the sourcing industry and to align our brand with our vision and strategy: To be your #1 for sustainable sourcing, delivering tailor-made product & service solutions.

Our new identity will not change our values. Our customers remain central to everything we do, and we will continue to foster strong partnerships and strive for operational excellence. For this reason, we would like to share more information with you about what you can expect to see throughout our rebranding.

Portraying the Otto International logo on a projector screen

What can you expect to see?

We will be changing our corporate look and feel, as well as updating our logo. This includes our social media (LinkedIn and Youtube), website and applications. Part of this includes our new brand colours: grey with a pink accent colour.

Additionally, on 9 December 2019, our e-mail domains will be updated to @ottoint.com. This will occur automatically and more information to this change will be provided to you, closer to the date. Stay tuned!

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