Our Competence
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Our Business

We are an international sourcing company that puts our customers at the centre of everything we do.

We belong to the Otto Group, one of the world’s leading privately owned multi-channel retail groups. Our purpose is to service this industry’s complex processes, for customers both inside and outside the Group.

By creating in-house platforms, partnering with external solution partners, and establishing our own 3D design competence centre, featuring LIMITED, we offer unprecedented flexibility.

We fully commit to providing an efficient service, and to conducting all of our business in an ethically responsible manner.

Our Vision

Revolutionising supply chain services for a better world.

For us, sustainability is more than just a trend: it’s the future. We actively push for alternatives that protect our planet and benefit all our stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Why Partner with Us?

A Trusted Partner

Over decades we have established a proven track record for offering dependable solutions that meet our customers diverse needs.

People & the Planet

We work within a robust quality management and compliance framework and we respect the environment at every level of our business.

Global Mindset

Our skilled merchandisers are your finger on the pulse in each market: they represent the perfect mix between local know-how and global expertise.

Digital Solutions

By creating in-house platforms and by partnering with external solution-providers, we offer more transparency to our customers than ever before.

What Makes Oi Special?

Our bespoke solutions enable us to build trusted business relationships; Our digital platforms provide us with sophisticated connectivity and efficiency; Our dedication to responsible commerce drives us to integrate sustainability across our operations.

Heidi Stevens

Chief Executive Officer

What We Offer

A Digitised Supply Chain

The rapid progress of technology in all areas of the supply chain has lead to numerous opportunities for optimisation. Otto International provides IT-based solutions every step of the way to ensure efficiency and transparency across our whole operation.


Virtual Design Competence

featuring LIMITED is our 3D Virtual Development Competence Centre. We collaborate with Browzwear to deliver fast yet remain flexible.


Digital Platforms

Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform and Trader Documentation Service (TDS) allow for real-time collaboration and enhanced transparency.


Infrastructure Assistance

Our international teams provide our customers with a comprehensive consulting and support service for our PLM and TDS platforms.

Our Services

Research and Development

Our Product Development teams are the foundation of our Oi’s state-of-the-art supply chain. In all facets of R&D, we combine analysis of up-to-date trend and material information from external sources with our team’s in-depth knowledge of customer target groups. We are also utilising 3D solutions to reduce sample lead time, save resources and reduce our negative environmental impact.

Sourcing and Supply Chain Services

From Audit Services to Sourcing, we deliver reliable and transparent sourcing to the highest of CR standards. Our unique tools have been devised, and in some cases developed together with our clients so that they address real market needs, giving your business a significant competitive advantage.

Quality Development and Assurance

Creating quality goods starts with vigorous product development, sampling, and material testing. In every Oi office, we have experienced technicians that respond to the various fitting, quality and legal requirements of our customers’ styles.


Oi supports the production process with order management and tracking systems. We offer high flexibility for our customers with low Minimum Order Quantities, quick and direct responses, and fast delivery times, which is ideal for multi-channel businesses. We also maintain a global network of professional inspectors to assess the quality of our merchandise.

Logistics and Warehousing

One of the most important requirements of modern sourcing is the transparent flow of goods and documents, which gives us the option to take corrective action if need be. We have streamlined both shipping documentation and payment processes in order to provide full transparency to our vendors, forwarders and customers at the simple click of a button.

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