Life@Oi: Spotlighting our people – Ernest Tai and Vivian Li

Life@Oi Ernest and Vivian

At Otto International, we believe that our people are at the core of everything we do.

With this principle in mind, we are kickstarting our Life@Oi campaign! Our offices span over 20 countries and, as such, are comprised of global-minded, innovative people who boast a plethora of different stories. To shine a light on these individuals, we started a series highlighting our colleagues who, together, illustrate all the stories within our organisation.

To begin our campaign, we are spotlighting Ernest Tai and Vivian Li, our Strategy and Development Project Leads based in Hong Kong. Ernest and Vivian join us with a wealth of experience developing strategies and operating models for retail and supply chain companies.

Ernest, who has built his career in Hong Kong, has worked on various projects with retail and sourcing companies covering China and Southeast Asia. His most recent role at PwC exposed him to sourcing offices and allowed him to develop strategies and operating models for clients. Similarly, Vivian’s journey includes working at local consulting firms and companies such as Li & Fung and PwC. Her most recent role at PwC focused on supply chain projects, honing her project management skills.

What has stood out for both Ernest and Vivian is Otto International’s global reach. With teams spanning across Asia, Africa, and Europe, our geographic scope presents an opportunity for them to explore various markets and develop their careers. This, coupled with our people-centric approach, where their close cooperation with others across different function areas and offices is key to their daily work, sets Otto International apart.

In their team, Ernest and Vivian help propel our vision and mission. Their ability to remain agile and adaptable in our dynamic environment while fostering collaboration among our global teams epitomises the spirit of Life@Oi.

Staying Agile in a Dynamic Environment

As our Strategy and Development Leads, Ernest and Vivian are responsible for the materialisation of our strategy and manage numerous projects that touch on all function areas. Vivian explains that because of the nature of their work “new things come up every day…  there is always new information and data for all the projects”.

With an excitingly varied work environment, Ernest and Vivian are experts at staying agile – planning for various scenarios and adapting as circumstances change. When they encounter such challenges, a common way they overcome obstacles is through their whiteboarding sessions. Ernest enjoys brainstorming with a coffee and the view in the Hong Kong office’s café area, in them, he finds “everyone is collaborative and engaged, so we really explore a wide range of options by putting different perspectives into any given problem.”

The dynamic nature of their work encourages them to be adaptive and to solve whatever challenge presents itself. It is through their drive and analytical mindset that they are able to navigate through these tasks. “The satisfaction of learning something new through these scenarios is what drives me at work – it pushes me to be flexible and think out-of-the-box,” says Vivian.

Collaborating Within a Global Network

Ernest and Vivian, like many at Otto International, work with various groups of colleagues in different countries and time zones. For Otto International, part of making this collaboration successful is by fully embracing our ‘working anytime, anywhere’ philosophy. Implementing digital tools has been crucial to achieving this, providing employees with the means to stay connected regardless of location. Ernest says that adopting this policy gives everyone “…flexibility while having access to a welcoming office space for collaborative efforts/tasks.” The balance between remote and in-office work accommodates the diverse needs of our global team. 

Throughout their projects, Ernest and Vivian consult with people from all areas of the company, from merchandisers to managers, and engage with subject matter experts when necessary. The open work environment fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Vivian notes that “the willingness of others to help and share expertise makes her work enjoyable and educational”, contributing to Otto International’s synergy.

Furthermore, the diversity of their team provides Ernest and Vivian with a myriad of perspectives, enriching their approach to projects. Vivian values the exposure she gets by interacting with people in various positions in the company, such as Chief Officers, merchandisers, and more. They provide her with ”insights into different viewpoints and offer the opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of each topic thoroughly.”

Life@Oi reflects our work culture and values—qualities embodied by Ernest and Vivian. Their spirit epitomises our dedication to fostering a collaborative culture where our global teams thrive. This initiative offers a glimpse into the heart of our organisation, where we encourage our employees to grow and excel.

Check out our News page and LinkedIn for more business updates and employee spotlights to learn more about our Life@Oi.

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