MMCFs: Introducing Otto International’s Policy

Our commitment to sustainability is part of our company’s DNA. We are dedicated to reducing the impact of our supply chain on the environment, and that starts with fostering a transition to the most technologically advanced sustainable materials, manifested in our policy towards Man-made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCFs) in the production of textiles and footwear. 

MMCFs and their Challenges 

MMCFs are plant-derived fibres and are the third most commonly used in the textile industry, after Polyester and Cotton. However, they have a prominent negative impact on the environment by way of deforestation and pollution. 

Several million trees are logged annually in the production of MMCFs, of which 30% are from ancient and endangered forests (Source: Canopy). Additionally, when the fibre production processes are not fully integrated, chemicals used to treat the cellulose and its by-products may pollute the surrounding air, water, and soil. 

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Otto International’s Approach

At Otto International, we have taken the first steps towards ensuring that when we use MMCFs, they are procured from responsible and sustainable sources, in turn minimising our impact on global greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss: the start is our new MMCFs policy which applies to all our vendors. 


The policy states that all forms of MMCFs, such as Viscose, Modal, Lyocell, Cupro, and Acetate, used by our vendors must be derived from FSC® or PEFC-certified forests to ensure the sustainable sourcing of plant cellulose. Furthermore, the chemical processes performed in treating cellulose must be conducted within a closed loop in order to prevent air and water pollution.

Additionally, our general goal is to only use MMCFs from manufacturers who have completed the CanopyStyle Audit with a low-risk result.

Otto International’s goal is to make conscientious choices that contribute towards a sustainable sourcing world. We will continue implementing measures that we know will have a positive impact on our industry and navigate the supply chain in a way that keeps our commitment to sustainability at the forefront.

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