We put people first: OI’s Values

How we do things is EQUALLY AS important as what we do. Our culture goes hand in hand with our business.

We take on the thoughts and ideas of all our colleagues within our diverse and global team. This allows us to truly play to our strengths when working alongside each other.

 Our Values are defined by what we stand for. Every day:

We care
We treat others with respect 
We are open-minded 
We commit.  

OI Values including we care, we are open minded, we treat others with respect and we commit

We commit to not only our team, but also the wider world. We constantly strive to minimise our environmental impact by seeking out ways to make our whole operation more sustainable. This starts with our people: We want to dedicate ourselves, and our whole industry, to a greener future.

We treasure what each person brings to the table. Embracing everyone’s individuality allows us all to grow and develop.

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